Table Tennis Class (Beginner or Level 1)
Classes begins on October 11, 2016
Time is 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
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Training your kids. (Group Sessions)

Maximum of 16 kids for the group session.
Fees are $110.00 per kids.
Age group is from 8 years old to 16 years old.
Trained Coach: Daniel Tessier
Assistant Coach: Ivica Sever, Duc Bui and Ron Van Breck
Please contact Daniel Tessier for registration and more information at 519-872-2322

Week 1: Intro to Table Tennis, Forehand Drive, Grip, Stance
Week 2: Backhand Drive, Table Tennis Equipments
Week 3: Footwork, Serves
Week 4: Pushing, Advance Serves
Week 5: Forehand Loop & Backspins, Blocking
Week 6: Backhand Attack
Week 7: Smashing
Week 8: Return of Serve
Week 9: Loop & Smash Combination, Tactics
Week 10: Smashing Lobs & 11 Points Games