Congratulation to the winners and all who participated in the league session from January to March 2014.
Women now are setting the tone for the club league as we have 4 of them who have joined and yes they want to compete and get better.
Tim Lehman who was the champion at the last league session failed this time to reach the first 3 positions as he finished 4th because he was absent a few nights.
Anthony Raheb finished first and as pointed out last night, he never missed a wednesday and he was rewarded with a trophy and a gift from the store.
In second position was Andy Greenham who I must say has steadily improved his game since last year and in third was James Gordon with his good skills who finally had the last word between him and Tim.
I hope that all participants had fun playing the league and I can't wait to see you back to do it again from September 17 2014 till the middle of December.
Cost will be $10.00 to register as this money will go towards trophies.

April 2, 2014
Past Events at the club
See photos of the winners here.